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Tepid Results from Google’s New Product Process?

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I found this article in business week discussing the process which Google uses to release new products to the market.  I found it somewhat interesting that the author talks about all the failures that Google has produced using this model, and they Google should be finding wasy to diversify it’s business model from its current […]

Classic Texts In Computer Science

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Ever wanted to read Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page’s “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine”? Or Donald E. Knuth’s “Computer Programming as an Art”? But wait, there’s more!  I’d also like to add to this list one of the best historical books written on computers and their development, The Universal History of […]

How To Remotely Monitor Windows Memory Usage

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Interesting article finally explaining a good way to remotely monitor memory usage in Linux/UNIX/Windows. I finally have a utility that can parse all the memory, and network stats from both my linux box and my windows server box. Time to get this puppy setup… read more | digg story

GNOME Reaches Out to Women

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“This year GNOME received 181 applications to Google’s Summer of Code program, yet none were from women. As a result, they’ve decided to address this imbalance by launching an outreach program to sponsor three female students to work on GNOME-related projects this summer.” Most any science department will tell you that the amount of interest […]

New LCD Technology Outperforms CRT

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“LCD panels have traditionally been lagging behind CRT monitors in terms of color response, saturation, accuracy and overall black-level response.- However, a company named eCinema Systems has announced a new LCD technology that it claims surpasses CRT in virtually every respect.”